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Weekend Whipper: A 5.12dX Flash Attempt


Disclaimer: When trying to flash A 5.12d X rated route ... This Could Happen!

Perhaps the most iconic whipper of all time was the result of Gaia (5.12d X), an infamous Johnny Dawes route on the Gritstone of England. The fall, which opened the 1998 cult-classic climbing-film "Hard Grit," featured frenchman Jean-minh Trin-Thieu nearly decking and badly injuring his leg while going for the send. In this Weekend Whipper, we have a modern attempt on the same infamous climb. English climber George Ullrich, best known to Americans for his all-gear ascent of the Bachar Yerian (5.11dX), attempts to flash the formidable Gaia. Filmed top down, this video gives a unique perspective to a climb that still spits off the boldest climbers.



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