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Weekend Whipper: Europe's Hardest Crack Spits Back


In 2003, Swiss crack-master-turned-monk Didier Berthod established what is considered to be Europe's hardest crack climb--Greenspit (5.14a)--named for the green bolt-hangers that lined the crack since the 1980's until Berthod chopped the bolts and made the first ascent on gear. This 40-foot roof crack lies in the scenic Valle d'Orco of Italy, and is often tried. In 2009, the indefatigable Stevie Haston flashed the route with pre-placed gear. In this Weekend Whipper, we witness a climber start the opening moves of Greenspit with his gear pre-placed as well, however, he quickly finds out that a number 3 Camalot doesn't quite fit!   



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