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Dean Potter: When Dogs Fly
FILM RELEASED TODAY: March 31—Whisper’s birthday—is the release date for Dean Potter’s film, When Dogs Fly, covering his dream-become-reality of wing-suit flying with his dog, Whisper.
VIDEO: Alex Megos - Double Demerit (V14)
Alex Megos making quick work of the Sydney, Australia testpiece Double Demerit (V14) at Sunnyside.
Q&A: Jesse Grupper, 2015 SCS National Championship Runner-Up
Jesse Grupper, 18, unexpectedly brought the house down last Saturday in Watertown, MA with a silver second at the 2015 Open SCS Nationals. In this Rock and Ice exclusive interview, Grupper talks about training, expectations and his future goals.

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Bouldering in Albarracìn, Spain
Bouldering in Albarracìn, Spain
Alex Megos - Double Demerit (V14)
Alex Megos - Double Demerit (V14)


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