VIDEO: Lucho Birkner, Chilean Climbing
Follow Lucho Birkner, one of the most important crag developers in Chile over recent years, as he climbs around the country.
Alex Johnson: FA of The Swoop (V10), with Video
Alex Johnson, a Las Vegas resident, has claimed the first ascent of The Swoop (V10) in Red Rock, Nevada, on her fourth day working the boulder problem.
TNB: Ethan Pringle's 10 Tips for Sending Your Project
Few feelings trump that glorious moment when, with an outstretched hand clutching a bite of rope, you clip the chains of a climb you have put serious effort and thought into. Though there is no easy way to climb to the top of your project, there are methods and tactics you can use that will help improve your success rate.

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Webb & Pietras: Washington 2014
Webb & Pietras: Washington 2014
Hueco Tanks: The Other Side
Hueco Tanks: The Other Side


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.