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Alex Honnold Solos Lover's Leap in Dan Osman Tribute

Right QL Spasm

28-Jun-2013 10:05 AM


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In the last few years we've learned so much about pain and physical therapy has really come a long way.

Right now I'm in so much pain my doctor let's me inject pure opium (just kidding).  No seriously though I'm in a lot of pain. I'm taking Gabapentin and it helps a lot so a lot of it is nerve related.

What advice can you offer for helping to release that right QL? I'm doing lat planks and face down planks and I can hold them for about a 1 minute now before I start to fatigue.

Do you have other advice like snorting (no wait, typo there) supplements, drink 18 red bulls a day. Take 5 grams of vitamin C? Anything that might help.

Pain goes away while laying down or sitting in the right kind of chair. Standing and walking cause the pain to ramp up like the wall at the DWS competition Sharma built at the Olympic pool.

I know if I could get this quadratus lumborum to release it would do wonders.

MRI's show mild herniations  in some disc but zero doctors of 4 recommend surgery and frankly I'll die before I do that.

Muscle relaxants help with symptoms but not the problem. I feel like I pain lobotomy. Just remove the part of my brain that handles pain. Where can I get one of those?