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Mt. Saint Elias - A Sea to Summit Expedition
Mt. Saint Elias - A Sea to Summit Expedition

Hammer Toe

07-Oct-2013 08:25 AM

James L. Syverson

James L. Syverson
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I'm an graying climber... 58 years old, climbing for 35 of them. After increasing pain and problems with my second toe, particularly in climbing shoes and Nordic ski boots, I recently went to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with hammer toe. The solution she offered was to a surgical procedure that removes the toe joint and allows the bones to fuse into a single straight bone. I am a very active aging guy... still can pull some 5.12 sport routes, plus I enjoy long route routes and mountaineering. I also run, Nordic ski and cycle. Would I be able to vigorously pursue these activities with a fused toe?