Access Fund Launches Second Batmobile

The Access Fund, riding on five years of success with its first team, has announced the launch of a second batmobile—a.k.a. mobile Conservation Team—to start in January 2016.

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The batmobile, a.k.a. Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team. Photo courtesy of the Access Fund. The Access Fund, riding on five years of success with its first team, has announced the launch of a second mobile Conservation Team to start in January 2016.

“The Conservation Team has been an undeniable success,” says Brady Robinson, Access Fund Executive Director, in a press release. “It has become clear that the sheer need for this team’s skills has far surpassed our capacity to deliver with a single team.

“With a second team on the road, we can greatly improve recreational resources for local communities.”

The first Access Fund Conservation Team took to the road in 2011, traveling to crags across the country to build trails and provide leadership to local climbers, “helping them care for the health and sustainability of climbing areas.”

What does that actually look like?—583 volunteers engaged, 4,110 volunteer hours, 19 stewardship projects completed, 4,234 feet of social trail eliminated, 30 staircases built, 33 retaining walls constructed, 10 drainage ditches dug, 3,050 feet of new trail constructed, 2 graffiti clean ups, 19 areas cleaned of trash, and the most impressive of all, 8,400 Clif bars eaten at eight climbing festivals across nine states with 142 days on the road—according to this year’s conservation team’s 2015 Mid Year Review.

In other words—the Conservation Team keeps our crags clean and safe to keep you doing what you love.

As climbing skyrockets in popularity, the impact will be felt at popular crags. “We need to upgrade our climbing areas in ways that can sustain the increasing climber traffic,” says Access Fund Stewardship Director, Ty Tyler. Having a second Conservation Team on the road will allow the Access Fund to “take on more complex, longer-term stewardship projects in areas of greatest need.”

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