Jimmy Webb Sends The Big Island (V15), Toupie Carnivore assis (V14)

Jimmy Webb has a “low gravity” day in Fontainebleau, France—sending La Toupie Carnivore assis (8B+/V14) and The Big Island (8C/V15) in one session.

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Jimmy Webb had a “low gravity” day in Fontainebleau, France—sending La Toupie Carnivore assis (8B+/V14)
and The Big Island (8C/V15) in one session.

“Not getting too many days out there due to the weather, but we’re making it happen,” Webb posted on Instagram.
“Had a low gravity session today and managed to climb two rad problems.”

The Big Island, at the Coquibus Rumont sector of Fontainebleau, is a popular test-piece for the grade. Font local Vincent Pochon established The Big Island in 2010 as a two move extension to Dave Graham’s The Island (V14), which Graham put up in 2008. Webb claimed its 12th ascent, according

As if The Big Island wasn’t enough for one day, Webb also sent La Toupie Carnivore assis—established by Guillaume
Glairon-Mondet in March 2014. Glairon-Mondet proposed 8C (V15) for the grade, but the majority of repeaters, five including Webb, have suggested V14.

The next day, Webb flashed Bleu Sacré (8A+/V12), considered an 8B/V13 by many. According to,
this is Webb’s 36th V12 or harder boulder problem flash (or nearly 50 by consensus grades, not Webb’s personal grades).

Before traveling to France, Webb placed second at the 2016 USA Bouldering National Championships,
behind Nathaniel Coleman. Carlo Traversi, in third, rounded out the podium.

On his first day in Font this season, Webb sent the famed l’Alchimiste in three tries,
suggesting 8B (V13) for difficulty—two grades below the previously suggested 8C (V15). He also commented that he was confused by the “right and
left exit stuff” on his scorecard: “It’s just one wall…with just one line…and two different options for beta. That’s it. Pick the
beta that suits your style and go for it.”

As for his next project, Webb mentioned that he’ll be back for some tries on the sit start to The Big Island—a longstanding project
in the forest, though, he might have to delay with rain in the forecast this week. Despite the weather, his optimism is high: “The climbing here in
this magical forest is worth the wait!” he writes.

Watch Jan Hojer climb The Big Island (V15):

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