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CAMP Geko Ice Gloves

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MSRP: $150

BEST FOR: Technical ice climbing on bitterly cold days

After taking CAMP’s new Geko Ice Gloves out for a few laps in Ouray, we’ve come to think of them as the Goldilocks gloves: Not too thick, not to thin. These guys are just right to keep your hands warm on a long lead on a cold day, but still provide plenty of dexterity for placing screws and clipping the rope.

First up, let’s talk materials. The palms are made of goatskin leather, which provides a nice grippy feel on your tools, but is super supple and soft. The fingers are covered in this same leather, but also feature a strip of even grippier rubber around the middle joint. The lining is a soft fleece, that feels great on mind-numbingly cold digits.

The glove owes its warmth to the dual-layer construction. Normally this might be a red-flag for a climbing glove—it could easily detract from dexterity and maneuverability if done poorly—but CAMP’s “No-Slip” design means that the layers don’t rub against one another. In short, you still get a true feel on the handle of your tool despite having two layers between it and your skin.

One of the simplest features, yet perhaps our favorite, is the elastic keeper loop that goes around your wrist. Most gloves have some sort of cinch or drawstring design for this, but the Geko Ice just has an elastic band—not too short, not too long—that keeps the gloves anchored to your person and avoids the hassle created by those other systems.

These gloves shine on particularly cold days when you still need to execute at a technically high level. Definitely worth a look!

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