55-Year-Old “French Spider-Man” Free Solos 587-Foot Total Tower in Paris

Bizarre? Most assuredly. Pretty cool? Yea, pretty cool.

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On Wednesday, March 15, Alain Robert, a 55-year-old French rock climber, free soloed the 587-foot Total Tower in Paris, without permission from the authorities or the Tower’s administration.

Alain Robert has been free soloing buildings and structures for decades at this point. Some of his more audacious efforts include solos of the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa and the Sears Tower.

Inside Edition reports, “[Alain Robert] was arrested Wednesday afternoon, shortly after climbing the 587-foot-tall Total Tower office building in only 30 minutes, according to local police. The incident followed an attempt to scale a different high-rise in the same district that morning.

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