A Young Man’s Road: A Portrait of Climbing Photographer Drew Smith

"A Young Man's Road" tells the story of Drew Smith, a climber and photographer, as he sets out to explore and climb in Western Montana.

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Drew Smith’s commitment to photography and climbing has allowed him to explore the world. “A Young Man’s Road” captures his burning desire to push himself forward but to remain in the present, to enjoy “a little bit of discomfort.”

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Drew Smith was born and raised in Montana. He spent his childhood on a sheep and cattle ranch, and his teenage years riding motorcycles, sledding down dirt hills, snowboarding and breaking bones. Smith’s early life reads like that of an adventure novel, working fishing boats in Alaska, canoeing un-named rivers in Laos and road tripping through Baja. After breaking his back snowboarding in Jackson he discovered climbing during his recovery while working at a mountaineering shop. He knocked out some classic climbs in the US before spending a year taking odd jobs and climbing around South America. In 2010 he returned to the States and moved into his van. His brother gave him a DSLR camera and he’s been on the road, climbing and taking photos, ever since.

The film is a reminder of the magic that exists in the American West and the singular experiences that are possible if you follow your passion.

Video produced in partnership with Firestone Walker.

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