Trailer for Gripped (Greatest Climbing Movie Ever Made?)

Oh wow, wow, wow. Where to even begin?!

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This is going to be one for the ages.

The trailer for the forthcoming feature film Gripped is destined to become a climbing classic in the same vein as the opening scene of Vertical Limit and last year’s eminently ridiculous Bollywood ice climbing video showing a dude jumping off a mountain like a badass.

Gripped sees a neophyte climber named Rose team up with the wise veteran Bret. Sparks fly, they get started for their big alpine climb at the crack of noon and things are just swell… until Bret takes a whipper that leaves him unable to lead the rest of the route (though in perfectly fine following shape, evidently).

He tell’s Rose that their fate is in her hands. “The only way down is up,” he says – dun dun dunnn!

Despite her meager gym climbing experience, Rose forges upward, clipping bolts that have suddenly materialized on the route, exhibiting flawless jamming technique and powering through a nasty spill that leaves her with a nice bloody forehead.

We couldn’t be more psyched for this flick. Even without having seen it yet, we’d say if there were climbing Oscars Gripped should win every last one.