Weekend Whippers

Weekend Whipper: Helicoptering Out of Control

Well that's something you don't see everyday...

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Nathan Devan sent us this video of himself taking what he called a “fat whip” on Area of Doubt (5.13a), at Unshackled, Little River Canyon, Alabama.

It was his first time attempting to climb all the way to the anchors. He sprayed us down with the beta for the section in the video: “Rose move to gaston, then dynamic move to large flat hold on the right.”

Unfortunately his left hand slipped and he found himself “helicoptering out.” He instinctively “threw the opposite leg back over the rope during the fall.”

He suffered a light bruise, but two days later it was already gone.

Be careful out there taking any other “fat” whips Devan 😉

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!

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